Friday, January 27, 2012

Castle Rock, CO

How long has it been since I've slept on a bed? A month at least. I slept in the top of the bed so I didn't mess up the sheets. My scratchy wool blanket has become so familiar to my beard that I just can't feel right about sleeping if I don't have it over me. "Home" is a funny word. Home used to be where I lived with my family. Home used to be where I kept all my things. Then Home became the objects I consistently sleep with.

Moving on...

After waking up to the universal smell of breakfast I go downstairs and see this.

Cody made some dang breakfast. It was so bacony and delicious. After breakfast I took a shower for the first time in three days. Thank, Uncle Joe, for the advice on showering.
The plan for the day was to get a lock for the truck's rear window so people can't steal our possessions and to see the city. Seeing the city consisted of shopping in motorcycle stores and REI. We also went up into some hills to see a monument of some variety. It was a statue of a saint or a nun or some such, I don't know but it was a cool place to be. The 30 mile drive to Denver took us past some cool sights as well. Enjoy the photos! More story after the pictures.

Cody was taking a picture of himself with his tasty breakfast.

We ate breakfast like any house full of nerds would.

After breakfast we were bummed to see that it was snowing while we drove to Denver.

This was whilst getting a new lock for a window.

Yaaaaaaaawn. Can we go already?!!!?!?!?!

Yes!! We left and went straight to several motorcycles stores!

Cody stood in front of that big dumb bridge so I could take photo for you all.

REI has some cool stuff indeed. We resisted the urge to buy anything.

These photos speak for themselves again.

We met the owner of this cool car.

I would post every picture I took but it's hard to say which images people want to see. I suppose I'll just put a link to the album and you can look through if you would like. If there's a picture you see that you want more explanation for then just leave a comment here. This will be the easiest way to handle this.

The gallery of images is located here.

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