Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend+ in Kansas City.

Last weekend we took off for a wedding in Excelsior Springs, MO. The wedding was very nice and everyone had a good time. The night before I had only two hours of sleep so I was a bit ready to be done around 10 PM but after a few glasses of tequila and ice I was ready to go until 2. Our hotel room was about two blocks away and was very warm so it was hard to leave in the morning.  

A friend of mine moved to a new house in Kansas City the day after the wedding so while he was busy moving his stuff in and the lady was busy feeling hungover I spent the day loving the Kansas City Zoo. Unlike most zoos I've been to, there was no aquarium. Boo! I have to say the primate selection was magnificent even though they didn't label some of the animals. I have no idea what the cute monkeys were that climbed all over their tiny, restricting cages. Most of the animals we saw were ready to go in for the night and were clawing at the door to their luxurious homes. The warthog was pounding his head into the door either to let his roommates know he was home and wanted in or because he has become sick of living and was trying to do himself in. I don't know but it was not fun to watch. The sea lions were very entertaining and can catch fish in the air like none other. If you go to the KC zoo you must see the sea lions, camels, kangaroos, elephants and the hippos. Make sure you get to see the hippos eat. You will not believe how big those ping pong balls are! 

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