Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas and Eli's Birthday.

With so many things to get done on Christmas it was a mad rush to get it all done. I can't say I did everything completely and the right way but I tried. Hauling one last load of stuff for storage, going to a surprise birthday party, Christmas'ing and all that. It was a magnificent weekend so I decided to stay in town a little longer so I could be at home and watch some movies, stay up late and work on Spiders and Mice. I won't be writing much about each picture because it's January 6th and it's probably 55 degrees outside so I should get out there before it gets too cold. Spiders and Mice will need explaining, for sure.

Blown fuse in the car that I don't care to replace right now so I listen to music on my headphones.

There's a Doughy Joey's right there now. It's good to watch a Diamond Dave's go out of business and be replaced with a good restaurant.

I don't care much for this store.

This is called a Caga Tio. It's a Spanish tradition around Christmas for kids to "beat the shit" out of one of these logs until candy and other junk falls out. The kids sing to it asking it not to give them sardines because they are too salty. You don't believe me so just look it up.

This is at "The Library".

Before I end this I want to explain a little more about flipping everything off. The idea came from an internet forum I read, They refer to "the bird" as the "advrider salute" and have a motto that is a bit obscene so I'll post the acronym and you can see if you can figure it out. FYYFF. Most of this will get posted to at some point so I thought they'd enjoy seeing the salute in action. Sometimes you'll see me using that in a loving way and other times I'll be using that in traffic. If I'm on the road you'll know that I'm not smiling or intend anything nice. Just yesterday I got to use it when a person... you know what? Never mind. Let's not get into road rage stories before leaving. I'll be outside enjoying the weather and getting some more photos.

The next post is about New Year's Eve and how I know it's time to get going.
Good day.

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