Friday, January 6, 2012

Last days at work!

Thanks to Taylor for making the mistake of giving me a camera! It gets used a little too frequently and way too often the pictures are of me making stupid faces.

In my last post I wrote "I have such a good time doing what I love." and then displayed two pictures of me looking not too happy and flipping off a computer. Don't get me wrong here, potential employers, I do like helping people with their computer problems. The issue is when it's the same problems over and over and we can't do much about forcing users to use a permanent solution*. The following series of photos may contain images that are unsuitable for some ages. Keep in mind that it is a joke and no one took offense so neither should you.

I hate this elevator.

Seriously, no joking here. This elevator pissed me off on the daily. It has the neat "feature" that happens randomly and normally it's when I want to use the bathroom on the 45th floor. When the door is about to close it will open for no reason and then all of the buttons will light up and then stop on every floor. It has wasted several minutes of my life and it will not be missed.

The skywalk between buildings I work in.

The windows aren't clear so you can't get a good view out the windows. Also, it's cold in the winter and there are frequently people studying in there so I can't practice my beatboxing while moving equipment between buildings.

Thanks Austin!

I met Austin on the internet on just before he moved to Iowa City. One year later I ended up working in the same department.

Here's $50.

Austin bought a motorcycle jack from me. I'll miss you 100 pound steel jack.

The last week at work was spent reinstalling Windows 7 on about 40 laptops in a classroom that has a projector in it. I watched cartoons one day and then the next we watched Casino Royale.

Rigy broke his dang dresser! This is Regular Show, btw. I love this show. Watch some clips on the Cartoon Network website all you want.

Now I am without a job and can focus on getting ready to leave Iowa. It's almost Christmas and New Years! I wonder what will happen! (pretending like I didn't write this post and the next post or two on the same day)

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