Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Eve! (part 2/2)

Alright.. where were we? Ahh.. yes, I was writing about Pizza Ranch. Should I continue? I believe I will not. There are other things that happened that day/night.

Now here's a buffet I can promote!

Just makes a guy want to weld a steel plate to the front of a station wagon and smash into it, right?

Well, that's not even what happened that night. I wish it had...... I wish it had. So.. here's a fine example of a great place to eat.

It is a place called "Mullet's". What's up with the name you ask? Well, once upon a time my friend was talking with the guy opening the place when he suggested he do the thing people do not expect, base the logo on the fish instead of the haircut! Great idea, right? Well, owner liked the idea and then all of a sudden the logo is a mullet with a mullet! See for yourself. Also, look at that web page! I like the style because it's exactly what I'm capable of producing at this point. That's besides the point but I'd like everyone to know that if you want a similar site then let me know because that's easy as a Kardashian to produce.

We went inside of it to get food. Our server was an interesting bro-type whose type happened to be bros. You know what I mean. It was...unexpected. We discussed the big race of the night: Snowboard vs. bicycle. Bicycle won. The menu is awesome. There are many kinds of aquatic foods you can't get in many other places and beers you will not see at your local gas stations. If I remember correctly I had a Po boy of some variety. The entire time I was eating it I was thanking it for being better than food from Pizza Ranch.

Now, the next part gets a little tricky to talk about. Mostly because I was only partially self-aware. I find it hard to control myself around certain people and around certain liquids. On an unrelated note, tequila is no longer a liquid I will consume. Exaggeration is also a past-time I am fond of so don't let your mind wander too far.

It's time to shut up and put out. Look at these photos.

Yeah, you thought I was drinking some cheap beer because of the logos but this is some straight, legit home brewed IPA that Andy made. It was delicious and I poured every serving I had into a can... where it belongs.

We forgot the name of the bass player. Sorry, Matt Lukin and the guy who currently plays bass for The Melvins. It's just that what you do isn't AS awesome. It's still awesome though, okay!

Go away 2011! We don't want you anymore!

This thing. Amirite?

Saying goodbye goes both ways. I'mma miss these people.

Well, I couldn't really go about kissing an attractive woman (almost like I did last year) just as we passed in to the new year but I did the next best thing, flip off the year that was about to end. So long 2011, you were a damn good year but I'm glad you're over.

I was flipping off the few remaining seconds of the year and not my friend over there.

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