Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alright.. I suppose I ought to say what's going on.

Let me start by saying the adventure has already begun. It started the day I moved out of my house and quit my job. While I haven't made much progress in terms of mileage towards the Pacific North West I have made new contacts in those areas. It's always nice to have more people to show you around and talk about their experience in an area you're new to. We also now have a general idea of the route we're going to take. Have a look at the map!

We haven't left Iowa yet because of a few problems that popped up.

This would be inexcusable if it weren't for Section 1.0 of the adventure we're taking.

Things keep getting in the way of the departure of my travel buddy. I can't leave until he's ready and he can't leave until the ignition switch for the vehicle to his truck arrives in the mail. That was supposed to happen last Friday. There's never been anything set in stone for this trip and there never really will be. I've talked about what I like to do but that doesn't mean those things are really are going to pan out or that something more interesting won't present itself. It's likely I'll spend a few months in Oregon but if things don't work out there I might end up coming back to Iowa or checking out a town in North Dakota that recently had a huge economic boom I wouldn't mind taking advantage of. It would be a good way to fund further traveling.

I promise that before I leave I will announce it here.

No good blog post is complete without a collage of me watching TV!

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